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Celebrating 35 Years in Business

- Back to School Special -

$25.00* for trial period

  • Rent now, next payment due November! *plus tax

  • **Excludes French horn, baritone, tenor sax, and piccolo**


Instrument Switching

Your child may switch to a different instrument during the first three months of a contract with all money paid applied to the next instrument. If you rent a string instrument starting with a smaller size such as a 1/2 size, as the student grows and needs the larger size instrument, 50% of all money paid on fractional instruments applies to the purchase of a full-size instrument if you are still renting the instrument. For example, if the student is ready for a full-size instrument and $200.00 was paid on the 1/2 size instrument and $100.00 was paid on 3/4 size, then $150.00 (50% of $300.00) would be subtracted from the price of the full-size instrument.


Instrument Rentals

Studies have shown that students who participate in school music programs tend to perform better in their academic studies. At JW Music we are very passionate about musicianship; therefore, we make the highest quality instruments available to students for their musical studies. These instruments are guaranteed to provide excellent sound and service needed to allow your young musician to grow and excel.
The customer-friendly terms allow plenty of opportunity to try out instruments, affording time to make wise decisions. Music is a beautiful and expressive way to grow. JW Music is committed to providing its customers with a sensible path to access musical instruments that will grow with you.

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