JW Studio Rates


JW Studio Rates
Recording: $36.00/hr
•Make appointments with Cam one week in advance             (cjalexander0910@gmail.com)
•$72.00 payment upfront to hold appointment, the rest will be due immediately following the session.
•A Maximum of four (4) hours per session and pay for the hours you record.
•If recording less than 2 hours, the difference in the deposit will NOT be refunded.
•May book back to back sessions, but pay $72.00 depositPER SESSION
•Cancelations will result in losing your $72.00 deposit
Mixing: $170.00/song
•Pre recorded stems are accepted for mixing
•Stems must be wav. files and delivered to Cam on a flash drive containing ONLY the stems you want mixed
•Mixing may include additional instrumentation added by Cam
Mastering: $110.00 per song
•Songs must be delivered to Cam as wav. files on a flash drive containing ONLY the songs you want mastered.
Total Production Package: $235.00/song + standard recording fees
Production Seminar Classes: $50.00/hr per person
•Payment due at door or seminar
•Seminars will be advertised in our Carlisle and Lemoyne stores, and promoted via email to members of our mailing list. Join JW Studios mailing list today!
Individual Lessons on Electronic Music Production: $60.00/hr
•Commitment to 1 month of lessons at a time
•Payment due for the full month before first lesson of that month
***Please inquire with Cam about group and individual lessons***

If you have any questions about your own music, recording at JW Music, or just recording/audio production in general, please feel free to contact me via email at cjalexander0910@gmail.com. I am looking forward to meeting you all again soon and making some great music together!