New Year, New Guitar?

JW Music: New year, new guitar!

JW Music: New year, new guitar!

Happy 2019! We hope everyone had a terrific (and musical-filled!) holiday season. If you received a new guitar for the holidays, fantastic! To help make your new guitar easier and more fun to play, Fender has posted an excellent guide: "Everything You Need to Know After Getting a New Guitar."

They touch on 9 important things to consider and it is a worthwhile and quick read. A few points mentioned in the article that we want to emphasize/highlight:

+ Add an Amp: We have a number of Fender amps—models suited for both electric and acoustic guitars. Let us help you plug-in and be heard!

+ The Straps, the Picks, the Strings: We have an excellent selection of colorful guitar straps—amazing patterns and styles. We stock an extensive number of pick styles, weights, and colors.

+ Store It Properly: Given we are in the heart of winter and dry air abounds, it is worth considering humidification for your instrument—we have humidification options for all situations and needs. If your new guitar didn't include a case we have hard shell and soft gig bags depending on your need and preference.

+ Consider a Setup: Is your guitar hard to play? Perhaps the action (the space between the strings and the fretboard) is too high making it hard to press down and make chords. We have an onsite guitar technician who can make positive adjustments to your guitar. So, don't struggle needlessly, bring your guitar in for a JW Music Guitar Setup. Maybe you received an older guitar that needs a little tender loving care. Bring it into JW Music so our instrument professionals can offer suggestions that will help remove or minimize any impediments caused by age and wear that can be improved and cleaned so you are sounding your best!

+ Tune Up: Consider a guitar tuner so you are effortlessly in tune every time you play your new guitar. We carry Snark, Korg, and D'Addario and other popular tuners to help you get in tune quickly and correctly.

Make 2019 the year you learn guitar—JW Music offers guitar lessons! Call us or stop in to ask about our lesson program so we can connect you with one of our professional teachers so you can learn to play like a pro!