Instrument Humidification

Instrument Humidification at JW Music!

Though the Fall season brings gorgeous color changes and cooler temps, it also ushers in drier air, which is not friendly to wood instruments. You made the investment in your instrument so why not beat back the dry air with an affordable humidifier! One of the best, simplest, and most cost-effective ways to keep your instrument healthy and sounding true. At JW Music we have a humidifier for every need that won't break the budget!

•  Case Humidifier ($22.99): Provides focused humidification inside your instrument's case.
 •  Guitar Humidifier ($22.95): Uniquely designed to fit and humidify your guitar.
 •  Ukulele Humidifier ($22.95): Ukes need humidification, too!
 •  Humidity and Temperature Sensor Hygrometer ($29.95): Monitor temperature and humidity levels around your instruments.
 •  Humidipak Two-Way Humidification System ($29.95): Neat and tidy humidipaks that correctly humidify your instrument.

Stop into either JW Music location (Carlisle and Lemoyne) and pick-up a humidifier to protect your instrument from the harmful and damaging dry air.

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