This weekend is the UPMC Pinnacle Ice Art Fest in Downtown Carlisle!

JW Music will be unveiling our commissioned sculpture on Friday at 4PM. All weekend you can shop our Carlisle store and SAVE!

On February 8th and 9th:
All Accessories: Save 10%! This includes:
+ Guitar Strings: New strings will have you sounding your best!
+ Cables: Get your instrument connected!
+ Humidifiers: Don't let the dry winter air ravage your instrument!
+ Cases: Protect your instruments!
+ Harmonicas: Great time to learn or pickup a new harmonica!
+ Instrument Reeds: Stock up so you never are without a reed!
+ Mouthpieces: Upgrade or replace your wornout mouthpiece!
+ Mutes: Upgrade or add a mute to your kit!

...and more!!

Pro Audio: Save 10% This includes:

+ Focusrite Interfaces: Connect your instrument to your laptop/computer for home recording!
+ Yamaha Mixers: Get connected and balance your sound!
+ Microphones: We have a full range of microphones!
+ Headphones: Checkout our full line of Audio-Technica headphones!

…and more!!

All Ukuleles $10.00 OFF: Get started playing this popular instrument -or- add to your collection!!

All sheet music: Save 10%!!

All guitars: Acoustic and Electric...$15.00 off

So drop by our store this weekend and enjoy this fabulous festival and shop to save on all these great musical items. For more info about the festival visit:

Ice Art Festival
Ice Art Festival Schedule