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VIOLIN/VIOLA: Support the instrument under the chin in playing position. The instrument is the proper size if the palm and fingers of the left hand are able to comfortably cup the scroll.

CELLO: Seat the student so that the knees are bent at a 90° angle. The instrument should rest such that the upper rim rests on the sternum (breast bone), and the left knee contacts the curve below the lower bout corner. The C-string peg should be near the left ear, with the neck a few inches from the shoulder, and the left hand able to reach both ends of the fingerboard with ease. The first and fourth fingers of the left hand should be able to comfortably span a major third (E-G#) on the D-string.

BASS: While standing behind the bass in playing position the fingerboard nut should be opposite the forehead near eye level, and the right hand able to draw the bow from frog to tip comfortably. The first and fourth fingers of the left hand should easily span a whole tone (E to F#) on the D-string.


Size             Violin             Viola                     Cello                    Bass  

4/4            9–Adult      12–Adult           12–Adult         11–Adult

3/4              9–11             11–13                  10–13                   9–13

1/2              6–10               9–11                     9–11

1/4              4–7                   

1/8              3–5

1/10           3–5

1/16           3–5

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