Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about renting instruments from JW Music

What happens if my child quits?
Simply return the instrument and your contract is cancelled. No further obligation.

What is the interest rate on my rental contract?
JW Music instrument rentals are "rent to own." There are no interest, no maintenance, or finance fees, zero.

Are there any hidden fees or maintenance fees that I should know about?
See above answer…but, in short, none, zero, nada.

I have paid for the first month (or months) of my instrument rental, how will I receive the instrument?
Explain the delivery process...

More questions?
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at either of our two locations:

Carlisle: (717) 258-6765
Lemoyne: (717) 761-8222

Or email questions to:

If you do not have any questions and would like to proceed with completing a rental contract, select an instrument below to begin the process. Thank you!

Rent from JW Music today!

For additional instrument rental options, or questions, please contact us for more information.